Father to Kotido LC5 hands over gun voluntarily

Guns that were recently recovered by the joint forces

By Edward Akaki

Amidst serious discussions on the involvement of Local leaders in Karamoja on the ongoing cattle rustling and gun violence in the region, the LC5 chairperson Kotido District Paul Komol Lote has come to the limelight as a gun was handed over to the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) by his biological father Lopiran Moding Komol.

According to the 3rd Infantry Division Acting Spokesperson Maj. Moses Amuya, the gun was retrieved yesterday Monday 5th, September 2022 by the Officer in Charger Rengen Army Detach in Kotido.

The gun was sent by a child who dropped it in a nearby bush around the trading center before calling the UPDF to pick it up and later admitting the gun belongs to Komol.

Along with the gun was also recovered 2 rounds of live ammunitions and currently being held at Rengen Army Detach in Kotido District.

Maj. Amuya said Komol has not yet been arrested by the army, something that contradicts the recent statements by the Division commander Brigadier General Joseph Balikudembe who said even the people who voluntarily hand over their guns are brought to book for intelligence purposes.

Recently, a nephew to the LC5 a one Museveni was also netted and arrested by the army for illegally holding a gun and using it to terrorize the neighbors.

In an attempt to reach the LC5 chairperson Kotido District Paul Komol Lote, his phone went unanswered in several attempts.

It’s not the first incident so far registered involving relatives to local leaders, early this year, a son to one of the LC3 chairpersons from Iriri was arrested for participating in a raid in the neighboring katakwi District.

Within the same period, a son to one of the LC1 chairpersons in Rupa sub county in Moroto was shot dead while breaking into a shop in a Moroto suburb known as Acholi Inn.

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